Announcing Our 3days Street Photography School

The street is always posing, looking for whom to capture … Bernard Kalu @kabenny_

Are you a photographer or a photography enthusiast, who sees the poses of the streets but the fear of the unknown stops you from making those images? Are you making images of the streets but a feeling of dissatisfaction prevents you from taking to the streets? Are you making images but not sure how to make the most of the photos you have made? Are you a photographer who loves the streets but you do not know how to approach them?

Look no further, this class is for you.
TellThatStory is hosting a 3days Physical class on Street Photography. In this class we shall discuss and share:
The Art of Seeing, Developing your unique view, Ethics and psychology, Cultural Identity and intentionality, Location Visualization, Visual Exposure (the art of putting your works out there), Culling and editing, Gears, and Many more.

To be a part of this class, kindly fill the form in this link  OR SCAN the QR code on the flyer on or before Midnight 9, June 2022

Date: 13 -16, June 2022
Location: Benin City

‘The marvels of daily life are exciting; no movie director can arrange the unexpected that you find in the street.’…@robertdoisneauarchives Robert Doisneau

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