Area! Foto Na Hard way of Documentary Foto

Oyibo people go talk say street aka AREA! foto na one kind of documentary foto wey dey happen for outside/ for the public. Some people go KPUROo say AREA! Foto fit happen for inside house, but one thing wey be sure-banker for AREA! Foto na say, them nor dey do arrange am,  na as e dey hot na im dem dey do am.

In fact ehn, AREA! Foto na hard way of documentary foto.

But to me, AREA! foto na two words wey we join join: ‘Area! Mean say as e be na em we dey do am (realness) no fake life everything na NORMAL LIFE! (No pretense), and ‘foto’ — na to draw with atukpa aka light …some go say e be like winchy winchy things.

Make we carri am go front small…Area! foto no bi like “wear cloth come denge pose” – fashion, bush things aka nature and landscape, e get some kin vibes aka colours, essence and other mende-mende wey other foto no get.

Money dey but I neva start to dey make money! but I believe say Area! nor dey forget him own. One day bi one day I go blow like George Osodi and Andrew Esiebo! Normal Life!

Fearless Lagos na AREA FOTO WOMAN, she loves the Vanercula of the streets and so writes about it the same way.


Her words in English

It is said street photography is a type of documentary photography that occurs in public spaces. Some say it can happen indoor and not necessarily outdoor but one thing is certain street photography is spontaneous, it is not planned. In fact, street photography is a hard form of documentary photography.

I would say street photography is a combination of two words, STREET – a space where real things happen with little no pretense many times. The other word is PHOTOGRAPHY which means drawing with light. Some say this art is spiritual.

Let make some progress, Street photography is not like Fashion photography where things are made to be as we want them – everything is planned out, it is not like nature and landscape photography. It has colors, essence and many more vibes words cannot say.

This is a profitable art but I am yet to harness its full potential. One thing I know is the streets never forget her own, one day she would reward me like she has George Osodi and Andrew Esiebo.