Exposed! Conference 2023

Exposed! is a conference hosted by TellThatStory, a creative non-governmental media group based in Benin City, Nigeria. The conference sets out to strengthen and expose creatives to a new level of potential they have not explored using the practical knowledge tools shared by identified skilled personnel from across the nation.

The conference has in its past 4 editions impacted many photographers and filmmakers physically and virtually with different creatives from the photography and film industry, and business professionals sharing insights on different topics that benefited the participants.

This year after 4 editions with just photographers and filmmakers, we are taking it a step further to engage artists in Nigeria following an identified knowledge gap in the creative space. We have observed that artists have been creating very beautiful and aesthetically pleasing work with little or no soul to keep such beauties in the annals of life. Many of such works lack the historical elements needed to make them stand the test of time. Many are just created for the instant gratification gained by likes and follows on social media, which in itself is not wrong. but as artists, TellThatStory believes that our assignment spans beyond social media, we are preservers and custodians of our history, our culture, and our identity as a people.

So, this year we are setting out amongst other identified issues, to interrogate why this observation is so, what role history plays a role in the life of an artist regardless of the genre, and what role the artist plays in shaping our stories and history, how can we tell our stories with less influence of our biases and personal objectivity with objectifying or making “poverty porn” of our realities.

The artist needs to live well, so we shall be considering some business ideas to sustain us – business proposal writing, business planning, bookkeeping, investment, taxation, insurance to mention a few.

Helping to interrogate these topics are Nnimmo Bassey, Babawale Obayanju, Edgar Imafidon, Emmanuel Ubamadu, Sophie Bouillion, Bernard Kalu, Obasola Bamigbola, Omoregie Osakpolor, Damilola Onafuwa, Yagazie Emezie (Gazmadu) and Adams Osarenmwinda

The theme for this year’s conference is The Artists in the Age of Anthropocene

This conference will empower more young people from the South South especially those who will be participating.

It is held from Monday 30th  through Tuesday 31st October 2023.  We shall play host to our first public photography exhibition on THE PHOTOGRAPHER IN THE AGE OF ANTHROPOCENE from Monday 30th October to 4th November 2023.

We shall also screen a Movie by Daniel Itegboje – On Your Own! on the 31st of October 2023 at the same venue, do not be told.

The Venue for this event is Victor Uwaifo Creative Hub, Airport Road, Benin City. We say thank you to Global GreenGrants Funds through Oilwatch Africa and the other sponsors for the support offered us to execute this year’s conference.