As part of the Project “The Photographer in the Age of Anthropocene” David Iloba, one of the finalists of our open call put together this ongoing body of work in line with the main objective of the project which is to interrogate the context of the Age of Anthropocene – Globalization, Urbanization/Migration, and Climate Change.

Artist Statement

This project is a photo-journalistic story of deforestation by indiscriminate felling of trees in Nigerian forests, highlighting the intricate web of connections among nature, humanity, climate change, and the environment. Rather than merely lamenting this issue, it aims to motivate people to take meaningful action.
In addition, the project demonstrates that despite the environmental harm we’ve caused as humans, we possess the capacity to correct and improve it for the greater good of Earth. It spotlights a proactive effort by the state to reforest by replanting fallen trees.
“Revive and thrive” is a clarion call to action, a reminder of our collective responsibility to combat deforestation. We hope it will inspire you to take action towards a healthy Earth for today and future generations.

David is available for any photography-related assignment across the world. This project is ongoing, He still needs some support to continue the project.

He can be reached via Email:   INSTAGRAM, or  Website,