As part of the Project “The Photographer in the Age of Anthropocene” Eiseke Bolaji, one of the finalists of our open call put together this ongoing body of work in line with the main objective of the project which is to interrogate the context of the Age of Anthropocene – Globalization, Urbanization/Migration, and Climate Change.

Artist Statement

This project is an evocative journey into the heart of our rivers, where the forces of the Anthropocene era have left an indelible mark. As a social documentary photographer, I have witnessed first-hand the intricate dance between humanity and these vital lifelines, and my work seeks to share this profound connection. I have aimed to capture the essence of urbanization’s relentless growth, juxtaposed with the enduring beauty of nature. It’s a tale of stark contrasts, where towering skyscrapers cast shadows on once-pristine waters. Yet, amidst this transformation, vibrant communities thrive, bound together by migration and diversity. Climate change and globalization are inescapably woven into the fabric of this project. I have witnessed the resilience of communities adapting to this new reality.

“River Stories” is more than a mere collection of images; it’s a deeply personal call to action, tugging at the strings of our shared responsibility, imploring us to cherish these life-giving arteries of our planet. These are not just bodies of water; they are the storytellers of our time, whispering tales to anyone willing to listen.

Bolaji’s project is ongoing and still needs some support to ensure he completes the assignment. He is also available for work on any photography assignment across Africa and the rest of the world.

You can reach Bolaji via email: bookings.eieke@gmail.com

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