Street Traders

By Edgar Imafidon

Selling of articles on the street is commonplace in Benin city and in many parts of Nigeria. The labor force which constitute a majority of these traders are children and young adults. These youngsters face various forms of threat to their existence on a daily basis but they keep at it because “ends do not meet” for their folks who care for them.

Aside the dangers they face, they also contribute to the amount of dirty spread around the roads where they carry out their businesses thus polluting the environment.

What shall we do as citizens to ensure this practice become a thing of the past? How can we get them to be educated? How do we ensure they become gainfully engaged in a safe space conducive for their growth and well-being?

The issue is constantly before us and they require urgent answers. We must Join Hands to ensure this act become history.


A project documented by Edgar Imafidon @iamedgarima