The Therapy called Street Photography

TellThatStory decided to conduct research on two genres of photography that often have been confused as one and the same thing. In light of this, some artists attempted to give it a go. Below is one of such responses. The content of this post is an opinion of the author and not necessarily the opinion of TellThatStory. Enjoy the read.


What is street photography?

Street photography is candid/unplanned photography that employs the knowledge of composition to pass a particular message. This genre of photography is therapy for me. It is far more than just taking pictures, it’s a feeling to me and to be honest it is like part of me now. It’s a training space where I train myself to SEE. Photographing the beauty of the people and my environment at large makes me get out of this crazy world. A fun fact is that music from the late Afrobeat king, Fela Anikulapo Kuti inspires me to storm the street.

What’s the difference between street and documentary photography?

Street photographs are majorly candid and unplanned moments that caught your attention, unlike Documentary photography that is planned – you know your story – a result of deliberate research,  you know the why, the who, the when, and where. Although street photographs can become a document of a subject you photograph them or it at different moments and over a period of time.

Where do you practice this genre of photography?

Street photography can occur in both public spaces and private spaces. As a rule, a street photographer has to be observant of your environment at all times. Essentially, street photography pauses time for me, calms my soul, and helps me to see how the environment relates with man and vice versa. I am energized whenever I can relate man to his ecology. Being an introverted-sociologist I use this art as a means “to come out of my shell”.

What are you saying with your work on the street?  My voice lol…my voice in street photography has always been an attachment to my feelings at a particular time. My street pictures speak to political, cultural, and religious beliefs and systems. I say what I see, feel and think.

Is it a profitable venture? Yes, it is. I will divide profitability into two: tangible and intangible profits. Tangible profiting comes when I sell printed images to people and companies or exhibit my images at galleries and or fairs. I profit intangibly as I get to train your eyes and horn this skill of photography.

A word for other artists

For those coming into street photography for immediate financial gratification, I will honestly advise you to take up other genres of photography but if you are coming in for creativity and training that is a good move. And for those in street photography already I will say respect to them, you all are really part of my inspiration. I salute Bernard Kalu @Kabenny (composition daddy), Eric Kim, Ryan Tacay, Markus Anderson, Matthew Wylie, and many more.

This contribution was made by Lawal Taofeek Oyewole Adio , Email: